Bristol Palin’s pregnancy was no secret in Wasilla, but apparently took a number of McCain staffers by surprise. So far as it goes, I’m with Obama on this: Leave the kids and the families out of the politics.

That said, however, it is not unreasonable or unwarranted to discuss the events of Sarah Paline’s last pregnancy. (I’m assuming it was hers not a cover for her daughter Bristol as many others have asserted–though if Sarah Paline would produce the appropriate medical records that would clear this mess right up.)

Here’s what we’re asked to believe about Sarah Palin’s last pregnancy:

1. She was in Texas at a conference while seven and half months pregnant and her water broke. She gave her speech anyway.

2. Amniotic fluid still leaking, she goes to the airport, passes through security, and hops a plane to Seattle. No one at Alaska Airlines even knew she was pregnant.

3. Once in Seattle, waits for her connecting flight and flies to Anchorage, Alaska.

4. It’s been at least 13 hours since her water broke. She’s in the Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska and the one with the most advanced medical facilities.

5. She and her husband drive 45 minutes to a small hospital outside Wasilla where her premature baby is born.

Does this sound like a rational mind at work?