Now we see why the GOP hasn’t made Palin available to the press (other than a People magazine puff piece and this Gibson interview). She is devastatingly ignorant of world affairs–it’s never good when the reporter clearly knows more than the candidate–and she has the same deer in the headlines, way-too-earnest speaking style that I’ve seen dozens of times before in people who are trying to cover up the fact that they don’t know what they’re talking about. I can’t believe McCain made this reckless a pick.

It’s not like McCain is the picture of health at 72, and just the prospect of a Palin presidency should scare the bejeezus out everybody. I mean, I didn’t trust Hillary Clinton (still don’t), but you can’t say that she doesn’t know her stuff. With Palin, not only is she untrustworthy, she also hasn’t clue what’s going on.