In short, the Wi-fi only, 32 GB model. I strongly considered the 16 GB version, but since we’re not certain how big apps will be or just how many one can install, I wanted to give myself a little breathing room. I don’t see putting music on it and any movies I watch will probably be streamed. eBooks are famously small—can’t wait to start unloading physical books as frankly my house is overloaded with them—so I think 32 GB will be initially perfect.

Now I say “initially” for a reason. I’m already sold on getting the iPad mark 2. That’s the iPad I’m more likely to spend heavily on, though I think the 3G option remains speculative. At this moment I don’t see the iPad as a device that travels. Maybe I’m wrong about the whole thing but I’m really picturing the iPad sitting bedside.

I’m sure to post more on the topic on or shortly after the iPad’s April 3 delivery date.