If you’re like me—and let’s face nobody in their right mind is, but still—you enjoy populating your Mac OS X menu bar with little functional doodads that display information or allow easy control of certain computer functions.

As a general rule, I have the following in my menu bar: StickyBrain 3’s search, Meteorologist’s weather report for Salem, YouControl’s iTunes controller (thanks to Dave for the heads-up), Apple’s BlueTooth module, Apple’s Displays module, Apple’s Keychain Access module, Apple’s iChat module, Apple’s Airport module, Apple’s PowerBook battery life indicator, Apple’s volume controller (which is perhaps redundant because of built-in keyboard access), Apple’s iSync module, and MenuCalendarClock (an iCal-integrated mini-calendar).

Now these options work for me, but you’ve probably got your own favorites. If you’re looking for more, a good place to find them is a page called Super OS X menu items. Who knows? You may find something that really floats your boat.